About us

Our History

It all started in July 2019, before we started we were collectors and we had a pretty decent collection but we didn't think about selling them. Soon we started uploading them to Instagram for fun and to see if people liked them. We received such a positive reaction that we were forced to do something about it as we saw that there was practically no store in Spain that did what we wanted to do. After we got a lot of scratches with the name, we finally thought we hit the key with RopaFutboleros that we think conveys exactly what we want, football clothes that simple. The start was not easy and we had a lot of problems but at last on July 29 at 6 the first drop was available, it took a little while to upload it to the networks and we did not know how people were going to react or if it was going to like it, but to our surprise and even before advertising it by the networks we already received our first order , we will never forget, the shirt was one of Ibrahimovic's PSG of the 2014-2015 season, a real gemite that we were more than happy to send to its new owner. The next day we received several more orders and couldn't believe it, soon we started getting positive feedback from people about their orders and realized how potential and amazing this was. The next few months were quite crazy, we set up our first "office", we became sponsors of a football team, we made several collaborations with youtubers and big influencers, we finally achieved our goals of being able to make a drop every week and have sold jewelry throughout Spain. This story is just the beginning, we have many projects, many ideas and many dreams to achieve, we will gradually update it so that you can see our progress. We also take the opportunity to thank all the footballers and cracks who support us day after day and who help us continue to bring the best vintage football player, without you nothing would be possible. A big hug!

The Football Shop

Our Company

We are a company located in Murcia where we have our warehouse and office. From the beginning in RopaFutboleros we are obsessed with offering the best retro and vintage style football clothes to all Spain under very clear criteria of quality, attention to detail and transparency. Our values are also very important and we want not only to be a store but also a community of lovers of football garments, for this we work very hard to offer you the best customer service and to try to get you as much involved as possible both on social networks and in everything related to the company.

We believe that each garment has its historical and aesthetic value apart from the hallmarks of its respective team. Many of our products are second-hand and used and that is why, although our quality policy is very strict and we only offer the products that are in the best condition, some products may have small damage due to their age and the passage of time, however, any minimum imperfection will always be indicated in the product description and can be seen in the photographs of the product. Our products are original, although we also sell replicas, it will always be specified if a garment is replicated in the name and description of the product.

For all this we pride ourselves on offering:

  • High quality and original products

  • The best customer service

  • Fast and safe shipping

  • Return insured within 15 days